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   At Rainy Day Charters, we believe that these elements are crucial to providing the best possible fishing experience for our clients. Our boats are well-maintained, safe, and equipped with top-of-the-line gear to ensure that you have everything you need to catch the big one. Our guides are not only experienced, but also passionate about fishing and the Pacific Northwest, making them the perfect companions for your adventure.
We understand that other charter companies may also claim to have high-quality boats and experienced guides, but we truly believe that our local knowledge and dedication to our craft sets us apart. Our guides are not just experts in fishing, but also in the local history, ecology, and culture of the Pacific Northwest. They will not only take you to the best fishing spots, but also share their knowledge and love for the region with you.
When you choose Rainy Day Charters, you are not just booking a fishing trip - you are embarking on an adventure with locals who are passionate about the Pacific Northwest and sharing their love for it with others. Our private charters ensure that you have a personalized experience, tailored to your preferences and needs.
Captain Bill Meck

 Fishing Report:
Rainy Day Charters is offering a great special on halibut fishing trips through the month of May in Ketchikan, Alaska. The halibut fishing has been excellent lately, with plenty of big fish being caught. The weather can be unpredictable, but our experienced guides know the waters well and will do their best to ensure a successful trip.
On a recent trip, our group caught several halibut. We used a variety of bait and tackle, including herring, octopus, and jigs, and fished in depths ranging from 100 to 300 feet.
Overall, it was a fantastic day on the water with Rainy Day Charters. The captain is friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive, and our boat is well-equipped for a comfortable and productive fishing experience.
If you're looking for a great deal on halibut fishing in Ketchikan this May, our special rates make it an affordable way to experience some of the best fishing in Alaska. Don't miss out on this opportunity to catch some big halibut and create lasting memories!

  Rainy day has a new partnership with True Alaska Charters In Ketchikan. Captain Bill Meck is assuming the helm now. With over 25 years expereince on the water and decades of commercial, sport and guide fishing.  with the change comes a great new boat with great new opportunities. the Crozier built "Odyssey" is a 32 foot by 12 foot wide walk around. It features diesel heat and a private restroom to name just a couple of the ammenities. For those fishing with us multiple days we'll have some great chances to drop shrimp and or crab pots and we are working on a plan to be able for our clients to fish black cod which are a very seldom seen and very deep living fish between 1500 - 2000 feet below the surface.
 This year brings new challenges to the southeast Alaska guide fleet. The regulations have been set by the Internation halibut fishing commision. They have decided to remove Mondays from the sport guide fleet all together and the size limits are set at a fish 40" and under or over 80'. We prefer not to keep the larger fish in the slot limit because those are the large female breeders that can lay millions of eggs per year which keep the circle going for generations to come.
We are offerening some great early season Halibut special pricing for the months of April and May so please feel free to inquire about that! 
we plan on keeping this log up to date and current this season until we can't see straight. If you have any questions please feel free to send an email,text or call.
 cheers to the 2023 fishing season in Ketchikan, Alaska!


We have had a few days off for boat maintnence and the weather couldn't be more nice right now. We are back up and running with a halibut fishing trip again tomorrow. The bookings for this year continue to roll in so be sure to call and reserve your Ketchikan Fishing Charter before we are all booked up!

The Second Fishing Charter of this year went great. We had whales and a couple of nice smal king salmon to catch and release and one large King Salmon to cath and release. It was a beautiful day and a blast catching our big kings again. I hope to see you all here for what looks to be a great King Salmon Fishing season!

We officially have the first fishing charter of the 2019 season in the books. We did realy well on our halibut for the trip as well as a real nice rockfish. This is all good signs for the season. As well as all the indicators are also telling us it will be a good fishing season for both halibut and salmom. We are starting to fill quckly for our Ketchikan Fishing Charters for this year so be sure to call and get your booking in the schedule for this year!

We are etting more good news from Fish and Game that the salmon numbers for this year are looking good for our area. They are saying that we should have twice as many King Salmon this year as we did last. They are also saying we should have 85% more pinks and silvers than we did the last year. This should be a great fishing year. This also means that more halibut should come in close to feed where we can find them!

It has officially turned the corner to spring! With the page turning to spring and the flowers are blooming and the birds are returning! We are also starting to see the begining of our herring spawn here in Southeast Alaska. The silver salmon reports for this year are looking good as well. I am excited to go fishing and take all of you out fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska.

I am happy to say that those of us here in Southeast Alaska have not got burried in snow like our friends to the north. The temps are cold here but there are a few signs of spring starting to appear. The temps are still in the 20s at night wich makes for great winter King salmon fishing durring the daylight hours!

I am happy to say it sounds like fish and game is going to give a small area again this year to retain King Salmon. This will begin June 1st. We are also ecxcited to say that halibut fishing this year should be good as well. The number of halibut in our area is looking good!

The weather here is improving and warming up unlike most of the nation. The fishing reports for this year are suggesting it should be a good pink salmon year. we are aslo starting to see colder water temperatures wich will help the fish and ketchikan fishing. Its cooled off enough that it seems our winter whale residents have moved on for now. We are still working on as always to improve your next ketchikan salmon fishing adventure!

I am happy to say the weather has warmed up a little. It is starting to feel a little more like salmon fishing weather with the warmer rain. I am continuing to get the boat and gear ready for this year! the cruiseship specials for alalska are starting to show up so be sure to book that good cruise deal and to come ketchikan fishing with us!

Here we are in a new year again. Another year brings us into another year of Alaska Salmon fishing and Halibut Fishing. This year loos to be the same for king salmon fishing restrictions and the same size limits for halibut fishing. I am happy to say I am ordering some ne fishing rods for this year and I have a lot more fun gear to try out. We are tarting to get bookings in for the 2019 season so if you are thinking of booking for this year be sure to call and book your trip early to get the best available dates!


i am excited to say that Rainy Day Charters has officially purchased our own Halibut Permit. This means for us and for you that we will be able to offer you halibut fishing for the indefenit future. The season for halibut and for salmon fishing are looking great. We look forward to seeing you fishing in ketchikan with us!

We have begun our fishing season for the year. The boat got hauled out and some routine maintnence was done. We have now completed two ketchikan fihsing trips so far this year. The season starts to pick up here in another few weeks. If you havent called and booked your ketchikan fishing trip you should do it soon as we are filling up quickly for this year!

I am excited to say that the weather is getting a lot nicer and starting to look much more like summer now. I am also excited to say that the Alaska Fish and Game has decided to let us fish for king salmon again this year. We will begin fishing for them the middle of may instead of the middle of June. Give us a call and book your king salmon fishing adventure now. 

The weather has turned into a true ketchikan fishing day here today. Its blowing and raining hard but the summer weather looks to be just around the corner. We are now less than two weeks away from our first halibut fishing trip of the season. The bokings are continuing to come in so if you are thinking of booking a trip or just have questions about one feel free to call or email us at any time!

We are now less than three weeks out to our first cruise ship of the 2018 season. We are also less than 4 weeks away from our first charter trip of the season.  am also happy to announce we are in negotioations to purchase our own Halibut Permit, instead of leasing one. This is a ig step for the company. We are filing up fast so if you havent called and booked for this years halibut fishing season or salmon fishing season you should call soon!

We are now less than 30 days away from our first Cruise boat of 2018. I am excited to say that the bookings for this season is picking up. Despite our King Salmon shutdown we arestil able to fish for halibut and other bottom fish on our 6hr excursion which we have been booking many of. as we get closer to the season we are are continuing to imrove your Alaskan Fishing excursion.

Ketchikan Charter Fishing has taken a interesting turn this last week with our King Salmon Fishing. We will unfortunately not be able to retain King salmon from april 1st thru June 14th. We will be able to retain them from June 15th on. I am happy to say that we can still Halibut Fish and rockfish durring this time. This is usually the better time to do that over the King salmon. Feel free to give us a call and book your Alaskan Fishing Charter today!

The Corcasses are starting to bloom and Easter is just around the corner. I am excited to say the Ketchikan Fishing Season is just around the corner. Wre are continuing to get the boat ready for the salmon and halibut fishing season. We are getting bookings coming in so if you would like to book be sure to cal or email sooner than later to reserve your spot!

The weather has bugun to warm up the trees are budding and the snow is melting. The ketchikan charter fishing season is just around the corner now. The books are starting to fill up with salmon fishing and halibut fishing trips. the water is calm and the cruise ships are less than 50 days away from being here for the summer.

We are getting closer and he fishing charter days are continuing to book up! I am currently in Washington having the downriggers, we use for salmon fishing, servoced at Sportco. We will also have new halibut fishing rods for every one on the boat as well this year! I will be back tonketchikan Alaska so. So give me a call and get your Alaskan fishing trip booked!

I am happy to say the new garmin gps is installed in the boat and I am very excited to share this new technology with you. The charters for the 2018 fishing season are defenitly starting to rol in the the last week or so! If you are thinking of booking a ketchikan fishing charter for this year for salmon or halibut fishing feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email we would love to hear from you! 

I am happy to say that I am currently in the process of installing the new Garmin. i am defenitly excited to be able to show you his new piece of equipment. The weather here is getting nicer and it is beggining to look much more like spring. So with spring the booking for Fishing in Ketchikan are beggining to roll in so be sure to call early and get your trip booked before we fill up.

This has been a busy week for us as we prepare for the ketchikan fishing season. I am happy to announce that I have purchased a new state of the art Garmin GPS Fish Finder combo for the boat this year. This will better help us target fish like Halibut, Salmon and Rockfish. This should be a very good year for Ketchikan Fishing as the weather is looking better already and there are signs of spring in the air. Feel free to call us with questions or if you would like to book a Ketchikan Fishing Trip!

We are now les than 3 months away from our first cruise ship of the season. The first ketchikan salmon fishing trips are quickly approaching. We are working on getting the boat ready with some new and exciting equipment for this years fishing season. Keep an eye on the blog to here what it will be and feel free to call and book with us to enjoy this new, exciting equipment.

I am happy to announce that Rainy Day Charters will have acess to a halibut fishing permit this year. This will allow us to advertise and fish for halibut at any time. Feel free to give us a call for your salmon fihsing charter or your next halibut fishing charter.

Hello every one and Happy New Year. The season is begining to get started and the booking for salmon and halibt fishing in ketchikan are rolling in. I am excited to announce that we will be able to book halibut fishing trips this year with out hesitation as I have attaained a permit to lease for the year. The ketchikan salmon fishing reports and numbers are not yet fully in for this year yet but we will keep you informed as they do come in.


I am happy to say the season is going well and been a very busy year. There have been a lot of early coho salmon starting to return to Ketchikan, Alaska and the pink salmon are also starting to arrive. There are still a few King Salmon around but they are far and few between. We still have some open spaces availble for August and September if you haven't booked yet. We Look forward to seeing you fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska!

The reports coming in from a few friends is that there are a few of our early Ketchikan King Salmon coming in. We have our first charter for this year scheduled here in the near future. I am happy to say that we will be able to fish for halibut as well as salmon this year. Ketchikan charter fishing should be a blast this year. We look forward to seeing you all Fishing in Ketchikan this year!

We have the first cruise boat of the season arriving on thursday! And so the season begins. We always look foward to seeing the guests arive in Ketchikan, Alaska each year. This news means that we are only a month away from our first official charter. We will have new gear and new tackle for this years charter fishing season. With Many new clients booked for this year and many more contacting us this should be a very busy year for Charter Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska.

I am excited to say that we continue to get closer to fishing in Ketchikan. The summer season is fast approaching and with the first small ship of the year already come and gone. We have officialy started the 2017 cruise season. The sound of fishing reels screaming as the fishi take line is getting us excited for the season. I look forward to seeing you all there for this years fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska.

The weather is warming up and thawing us out from the cold winter in Ketchikan, Alaska. It look like there will be some snow left on the mountains this year for every one to see and for the fish. This should also help the fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska. We are continuing to buy new gear for this year to help improve your fishing charter so you can have a expeience you won't forget. We look forward to seeing you fisihing with us in Ketchika, Alaska!

The bookings for 2017 Ketchikan Charter Fishing have begun to roll in. The fishing in Ketchikan Alaska is begining to look good. There were a lot of halibut around last year and we are looking forward to seeing those halibut again this year on our fishing trips. We are also looking forward to high fish return numbers with 43 million pink salmon predicted to return to the state this year. These numbers should be good to help us help you fill your freezer! Call and book with us while there is still space available!

We had wonderful 2016 year at Rainy Day Fishing Charters in Ketchikan, Alaska! We Bought a new Boat Ice Blue. It is a 29ft BAMF boat built by fishing charter captains for captains. The Ice Blue was built by a long time charter captain in Sitka, Alaska and spcialy designed for three hundered and sixty degrees around fishing. We are now powered by a safe reliable Volvo Penta diesel and it also povides a nice comfortable cabin for every one with cabin heat. Along with a nice large cabin to seat up to six people comfortably.

The salmon fishing in 2016 proved to be another realy fun year!

     The Boat is in the water for the year!

It was another beautiful day on the water fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska. The salmon fishing is a little slow this time of the year. We wentout to enjoy the day and landed a junk fish but one of the biggest skate fish I have ever seen! We figured the fish weighed about 200lbs and was six feet across between the wings!

Ice Blue

Ice Blue is a 30ft TAL-BAMF boat. The boat was design in Sitka, Alaska by long time charter captain and Sitka resident.

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